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Cló litríocht is the newly formed publishing arm of, the world’s largest irish language bookshop. Cló litríocht will specialise in ebooks. On the 1st day of seachtain na gaeilge, 4 march 2010, cló litríocht will launch a pilot ebook section within Maidhc dainín ó sé’s books will be available in digital format, offering readers a more affordable and flexible reading experience.

Ebooks are becoming increasingly popular with the world’s biggest booksellers such as amazon and waterstones setting up online ebook departments.’s owner, tom fitzgerald, has been tracking the growth in the ebook market and believes that now is the time for irish books to launch into ebooks. “the ebook market is growing at an increasingly strong pace as the complications are ironed out.” says tom.   “ was the first online-only irish language bookshop for irish language books and we aim to keep up with the demands of our customers. Litriocht is now selling irish books into 66 countries and we have an increasingly sophisticated customer base. In a recent survey on more than 60% told us they would like ebooks in irish. ”

Maidhc dainín ó sé is one our bestselling authors on and he has agreed to work with us on a 3-month pilot of ebooks. Some of maidhc dainín’s best known books include ‘a thig ná tit orm’ and ‘is glas iad na cnoic’. We are in discussion with other authors who are considering joining us soon., which celebrated its 10th year online in 2009, is built on innovation and customer service. In 1999, was the only online-only irish language bookshop and has since become the largest online irish language bookshop in the world. uses the latest technology to deliver a user-friendly and interactive shopping experience.’s global customers like the idea of ebooks because of lower prices and no delivery costs. Ordering an ebook will be a seamless process allowing the customer to add the book to their basket and start reading it moments later either on their laptop or on an ereader.