Litríocht is an award-winning online book store specialising in books printed in the Irish language. Originally run from Cill Chuile in Corca Dhuibhne, Litriocht is now based in Beal Atha an Ghaorthaidh in the Muscrai Gaeltacht in County Cork.

Our online bookstore focuses exclusively on books in Irish for children, adults, native speakers and language learners – whether they’re at home in front of their computers, or on-the-go on their phones or tablets.

Our main goal is to make the great richness of Irish language books widely available both in Ireland and around the world. We also aim to keep some of these books in print by making them available to the broader global market.

Litríocht was originally founded in 1999, and has a long history as a leader in support of the Irish language. It started off with a mere 100 books on a simple website, long before e-commerce was established as the norm. We now hold a catalogue of nearly 6,000 books as Gaeilge.

Litríocht was the first-ever Irish language global bookshop – a source of great pride for us in the Dingle and Muskerry Gaeltachts. Litríocht was twice the recipient of a Golden Spider Award for ecommerce in 2008 and again in 2013, and received a letter of gratitude from the US Library of Congress for its work cataloguing Irish books.

Today, Litríocht is the world’s largest online Irish language bookshop with customers in more than 65 countries. We welcome the participation of the Irish-speaking community in offering reviews and in their support of Litríocht.

Our values

Litríocht is based in the Gaeltacht in Béal Átha an Ghaorthaidh, and our staff and founder have a true passion and love of the language. We believe it’s vital to protect the Irish language and encourage its growth. As the original and oldest online store for Irish-language books, Litríocht aims to not only promote and celebrate the Irish literary richness, but also to preserve it.

Our goal is to make Irish-language books accessible for our growing numbers of customers locally and internationally. We have customers in more than 65 countries. Our customers include individuals, government departments, the EU, international universities, and primary and secondary schools around the world.

As always, Litríocht welcomes the feedback of its customers and visitors to our site to keep Irish language titles available for both the Irish and the great Irish family around the world.