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Twenty Years A-Growing Bog / Paperback

Twenty Years A-Growing
Translation of the book Fiche Blian ag Fás
Maurice O’Sullivan
Oxford University Press 2000
ISBN 0 19 281325 0

A scéal féin dá insint ag an údar ar a shaol sa Blascaod Mór agus ar shaol i dtigh na mbocht sa Daingean.

Maurice O’Sullivan was born in 1904 on a remote island off the Atlantic coast of Ireland – the Great Blasket. In this classic book (here translated from the Irish) he tells the story of his youth, and of a way of life which belongs to the past. He wrote for his own pleasure and for the entertainment of his friends, without any thought of a wider public, in a style derived from folk-tales, which he heard from his grandfather and sharpened with his own lively imagination.

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